With a multiple choice questionnaire that is instantly applicable, whether your are a trainer, a teacher or an organizer of events, this is the communication tool you can not do without.

In-fluency provides online management platforms for questionnaires which are scalable according to your needs.

Professional events (seminars, team building activities, conferences, etc.):

• surprise your audience with a Quiz online;

• facilitate exchanges between the participants;

• create a challenging activity to bring the atmosphere at your event.


• a web application which allows you to edit and manage Quizzes for trainings and courses;

• using simple web access, your students can use their own devices (PC,Tablet,Smartphone) to participate in your Quiz;

• no need to wait, you can have real-time results that you can share with your attendee;

Along with the generic functions, we can also implement specific developments. And, of course, this web application can be customised in line with your company logo. 

Contact us to see a demo.





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