• About the founder Caroline Arlandis is a French expert in communication projects management. Since 1994 she has been designing and carrying out tools in internal, external and corporate communication. She has worked in communication agency, non-governmental organization, pharmaceutical laboratories in Paris… Because of her sense of teamwork, Caroline Arlandis has founded in-fluency in order to create a synergy between professionals in communication based in Singapore and in France. She has an European Master Degree in Communications and a degree in Audiovisual applications from a top University in France and 20 years of expertise. She lives in Singapore for several years.

« Cross-cultural skills bring a real wealth to the realization of the communication projects. »

• A network of professionals A network of highly skilled professionals is the key to bring the best to in-fluency′s customers. Caroline Arlandis has selected professionals who are partners, associates or collaborators for more than 10 years. They are illustrators, graphic and web designers, photographs, developers, etc. and they are strongly involved in their missions.

« Collaboration is not a one-shot. Quality and efficiency are based on trust and strong understanding of each other.»


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1,000 sessions since our launch in September 2011. We are currently present in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. We plan to expand our services to all the metros, notes Rahul Thapan, global head of marketing sales for HealthNet Global. In December of last year, microfinance firm Equitas also launched tele health care delivery centers in association with HealthNet Global. The project is funded by Fem Sustainable Social Solutions (FemS3), a nonprofit company operating in the social business space. Equitas Consult 4 Health and Call 4 Health products, developed exclusively for the firm by the Centre for Insurance and Risk Management at the Chennai based Institute for Financial Management and Research, allow its members to consult physicians from Apollo Hospital over video for a charge of US$1 a consultation. The patient data is also stored for any further diagnosis and treatment in the future. Vasudevan, managing director of Equitas. care is a source of significant financial stress for
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